Have an Older Shingle Roof on your Phoenix or North Scottsdale Home? 

Canyon Sunrise Roofing Offers Shingle Roof Repair and Replacement

In the Phoenix and North Scottsdale area—including homes in Troon North, Arcadia, Desert Ridge, Sliverleaf, Paradise Valley, and beyond—one of the most common roofing materials that has been used in the past few decades are shingles. A popular roofing style, shingle roofs feature rectangular grooved or flat shingles that can be made from a number of different materials, including metal, slate, asphalt, fiberglass, and plastic, to name just a few. Although shingle roofs can last up to 20 years—with the newer varieties lasting even a decade longer—there are some common wear issues you should look for if you are a Phoenix or North Scottsdale home owner with a shingle roof.

The most common issues Canyon Sunrise Roofing addresses on shingle roofs in the Arizona area include the following:

  • missing or worn out shingles
  • broken, split, cracked, or shrunken shingles
  • flashing issues
  • exposed nail heads

If you are concerned about the status of your Arizona shingle roof, contact Canyon Sunrise Roofing for a free inspection. We proudly offer affordable, quality roof repair and replacement to residents of Arcadia, Troon North, Paradise Valley, Desert Ridge, Sliverleaf, and beyond. We have over 25 years’ experience servicing Phoenix and North Scottsdale residents. Contact us today