Flat Roofing

There are many areas of the east coast that deal with lots of snow that depend on their flat roofs holding up to the wet conditions. In Arizona there are many variations of flat roofs for overhangs, residential or commercial buildings. The grade of the flat roof depends on the type of environment it’s going to be used in. 


There are four common types of Flat Roof Applications:



Single Ply or Modified Bitumen

This type of flat roofing is applied by using a single roll of asphalt adhesive, made with a granule top base for wear & tear. The Peel and Stick method is easy to install and is safe to apply to a wood base material.  The thickness of an average Single Ply is between 50-90 millimeters. It comes in many different colors and is the most common flat roof material used today.



Built Up Roofing (BUR)

Just like it sounds, BUR is installed by using multiple layers of material to achieve the desired thickness. These membranes can be added to stack on top of one another and repeat a cross pattern for each layer. Once the final application is applied, roof granules or small size gravel is added to protect the top surface from the sun and weather. 



Rubber Membrane

A single layer of rubber membrane applied directly to the roof surface, and uses an adhesive to connect each roll together. The seems must be water-tight and cannot allow any early leaks, otherwise it can start to unravel right before your own eyes. Regular maintenance is required every 5-7 years, and is one of the least expensive alternatives to roofing material.



Spray Foam

Is installed as a 2-part insulation application which is sprayed directly onto the surface, it’s then coated with an acrylic covering helping to protect the material below.  The advantages of an SPF roof is that it’s seamless and is durable to flat areas where water ponding may be an issue. Foam roofs have a life expectancy of 10 years and it’s crucial to maintain every 3-5 years.



We Do It All

Canyon Sunrise Roofing is an Arizona based roofing company providing all types of flat roofing services. We supply and install Single Ply or Modified Bitumen, Built Up Roofing, Rubber Membrane, or Spray Foam application.